Make the Grass Greener on Your Side

Hire a landscaping company that will make your landscape flourish in Wallkill, NY

Our goal at loyal landscaping is to bring your vision for your lawn to life. Give us your vision, and we'll make it a reality. We're a team of passionate professionals in Wallkill, NY, and we're dedicated to what we do. Call us at 845-645-1132, we're always happy to help.

What we do for you:

Put your trust in us to make your lawn into something you're proud to come home to everyday.

You can choose from these landscaping services:

Residential landscape design: We'll help you create a customized landscape design, and perform the installation work.
Sod installation: We'll give your lawn a new and complete layer of sod, you'll see your slumping grass replaced with healthy growth.
Lawn drainage: Schedule drainage system installation to keep your lawn healthy, you can use this to combat standing water and soil erosion.
Commercial snow removal: Snow and ice don't have to hold your business back, our snow and ice removal will clear them away.

Our dedicated crew in Wallkill, NY can design, install and maintain a wonderful landscape and hardscape for you.

What sets Loyal Landscaping apart:

What sets Loyal Landscaping apart:

What makes Loyal Landscaping unique is that we're dedicated to our work and the people we serve. We provide personalized, responsive customer service during every job, and offer a 5% discount for veterans, as well as specials for all clients.

We're a family-owned and operated company with more than 10 years of experience, making us well-versed in landscape design and installation including outdoor lighting. No matter the project, you can trust us to do the job right.

COVID-19 Update

We are thinking of the Wallkill, New York community and the effects COVID-19. We hope to aid the community as much as possible to help the public band together to get through this time.