Property Maintenance Services

Property Maintenance Services

Learn about hardscaping in Wallkill & Ulster County, NY

Our full-service packages are designed to help you create and maintain a beautiful and healthy landscape year round. From regular property maintenance to snow removal, and everything in between, the specialists at Loyal Landscaping are here to help you.
Turf Mowing & Weed-Whacking

All turf areas will be mowed on a weekly basis to a height of 2.5-3.5 inches from April through November. Mowing patterns will be changed frequently to promote proper growth. Mower blades will be kept sharp at all times to ensure a high-quality cut. Frequency of turf mowing will vary during periods of environmental stress.

All sidewalks, curb lines, plant beds, tree rings, foundations and other obstructions will be weed-whacked throughout the growing season with a gas-powered string trimmer.

All grass clippings will be blown off walks, curbs, roadway, and parking areas upon completion of mowing and trimming operations.

Prior to each weekly mowing, all debris including (but not limited to) sticks and litter, will be removed from turf areas.

Power edging will be performed on all walkways beginning after May 15th and monthly thereafter.

Curb line weed control will be performed to roadways, beds and curbs throughout the growing season.

Bare Spots will be soiled and seeded twice a year.

Property Maintenance Includes the following services

  • Spring Clean up
  • A spring clean-up consists of blowing turf areas, removal of all debris accumulated during the winter months, weeding of all plant beds, selective pruning of plants from winter damage (less than 10 feet tall), and blowing off of all walking areas. All roadways, walkways, and parking areas will be cleared of overhanging limbs where needed. Bare spots to be soiled and seeded (Twice a year).

  • Fall Leaf Clean up
  • All fallen leaves and branches will be removed on a continual basis throughout the site starting in October. This will be in conjunction with lawn maintenance operations through November, as needed. All collected debris will be removed and disposed of offsite, where needed.

  • Flowers
  • Install spring and fall annuals and perennials in all plant beds. Loyal Landscaping also provides window box installation As well as maintenance year round for window boxes